Structured packing

Metal structured packing

Metal structured packing is also known as stainless steel packing, wire mesh corrugated packing, high-efficiency structured packing, perforated plate corrugated packing, stainless steel mesh corrugated packing.

Metal structured packing is also known as stainless steel packing, wire mesh corrugated packing, high-efficiency structured packing, perforated plate corrugated packing, stainless steel mesh corrugated packing.
Metal structured packing includes perforated plate corrugated packing, plate mesh corrugated packing, punctured plate corrugated packing, wire mesh corrugated packing and annular corrugated packing.
Structured packing is divided into mesh, wire mesh, perforated plate, calendered perforated plate, etc.
Metal structured packing product types: AX type, BX type, CY type
High-efficiency structured packing implementation standards: HG/T 4374-2012, HG/T 21559.1-2013, HG/T 21559.2-2005, HG/T 21559.3-2005;
Metal mesh packing material: stainless steel 304, 321, 316, 316L, 321, 310S, 904L, 347, 2205, 2507, S30408, S30403, S31603, S31608, S32168, S31008, copper, aluminum, pure titanium, molybdenum titanium, Hastelloy, monel, inconel, nickel-chromium alloy, nickel-copper alloy, etc.
Structured packing can be divided into two categories according to its structural characteristics: corrugated type and non-corrugated type. The former is divided into vertical corrugated type and horizontal corrugated type; the latter is divided into grid type and plate type, etc. The
most widely used structured packing is vertical corrugated packing. Vertical corrugated packing is divided into plate corrugated type and mesh corrugated type. In the specification and model representation of corrugated packing, the number generally represents its specific surface area value, and the letters X and Y represent its corrugation inclination angle of 30°C and 45°C respectively. For example, 400X means that the specific surface area of this corrugated packing is 400m2/m3 and the corrugation inclination angle is 30°C. X-type packing has a small pressure drop; Y-type packing has better mass transfer performance. The
new corrugated packing can be made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, pure titanium, molybdenum five titanium, and other materials.
Advantages: compact structure, small resistance, high mass transfer efficiency, large processing capacity, and large specific surface area (commonly used are 125, 150, 250, 350, 500, 700, etc.).
The perforated plate corrugated packing is a structured packing formed by assembling the holes on the surface of the metal sheet and the large corrugations. It has the characteristics of low resistance, uniform gas-liquid distribution, high efficiency, large flux, and insignificant amplification effect. It is used in negative pressure, normal pressure and pressurized operations.
The wire mesh corrugated packing is an important milestone in the development of structured packing. This packing is composed of wire mesh sheets pressed into corrugations. The corrugated sheets have an inclination angle of 30° or 50°. The adjacent corrugated sheets are in opposite directions. When filling in the tower, the upper and lower two-person tray packing is staggered and stacked at 90°. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure drop and large flux. The products are BX and CY types. They are often used in vacuum distillation of difficult-to-separate and heat-sensitive systems, atmospheric distillation and absorption processes.
The punctured corrugated packing is a structured packing assembled by rolling out small puncture holes with high density on the inclined metal sheet and then pressing them into corrugated sheets. Due to the special puncture structure on the surface, the lubrication properties of the packing are improved, and the properties of the metal wire mesh corrugated packing can be maintained.

Metal perforated plate corrugated packing: This packing is made of a perforated plate with grooves on the surface, which maintains the structural characteristics of the metal corrugated packing, increases the uniform distribution of the liquid and the wetting performance of the packing, and improves the mass transfer efficiency. The diameter exceeds 1.5m, and the packing is made into a block form.
Applicable occasions: Metal perforated plate corrugated packing has the advantages of large flux, small resistance, high efficiency and strong anti-blocking ability. It is widely used in unit operations such as distillation, absorption, and extraction. According to the packing model, the minimum diameter is 80-200mm, the maximum diameter has reached 13m, the liquid spray density can be from 0.2 to 220m3/m2. hr, and the pressure range can be from vacuum to high pressure. It is a universal and efficient structured packing suitable for industries such as chemical industry, fertilizer, oil refining, petrochemical industry, and natural gas.
Calendered puncture plate corrugated packing: On the metal plate, 70 tiny holes with thorns are rolled out per square centimeter, and then the puncture plate is pressed into a corrugated plate, and finally assembled into a disc. Performance characteristics: The wettability of the packing is increased, and when the flow rate is large, the excellent separation performance of the wire mesh packing can still be maintained.  
  Applicable occasions: Suitable for chemical, fine chemical, solvent recovery, chemical product refining and other fields with high separation requirements.
Metal mesh corrugated packing: The metal thin strip is drawn into a specific diamond mesh plate, which eliminates the complex process of wire drawing and meshing, and still maintains the excellent separation performance of the wire mesh corrugated packing.
Characteristics of wire mesh corrugated packing:
(1) Large specific surface area, high porosity, and light weight;
(2) Small and regular gas phase passage angle, low pressure drop;
(3) Good radial diffusion, sufficient gas-liquid contact.
Applicable occasions: 1. Normal pressure and vacuum distillation; 2. Special processes, such as titanium, aluminum and other mesh packings. 3. Absorption and heat pump distillation with low resistance.
(1. 250 (AX) precision distillation with large production capacity and fewer theoretical stages;
(2. 500 (BX) vacuum distillation of heat-sensitive and difficult-to-separate special systems, especially vacuum distillation with a pressure of less than 7KPa;
(3. 700 (CY) separation of isotope mixtures and isomeric mixtures.
Metal mesh packing is a highly efficient packing that is widely used in countries around the world. It is a disc-shaped packing composed of a number of parallel and straight metal corrugated mesh sheets. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high porosity, and light weight; small inclination angle of the gas phase passage, regularity, and low pressure drop; good radial diffusion and sufficient gas contact.
Application of metal structured packing: The pressure drop of metal mesh corrugated packing is low and the separation efficiency is very high. It is particularly suitable for precision distillation and vacuum distillation equipment, and provides an effective means for the distillation of difficult-to-separate systems and heat-sensitive systems. Although it is expensive, it is widely used in spices, pesticides, fine chemicals, petrochemicals and other fields due to its excellent performance.