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Wire mesh demister

Wire mesh demister types: stainless steel wire mesh demister, stainless steel wire mesh demister, stainless steel demister, stainless steel demister, stainless steel mist collector.

Wire mesh demister types: stainless steel wire mesh demister, stainless steel wire mesh demister, stainless steel demister, stainless steel demister, stainless steel mist collector.
Wire mesh demister product materials include: 304, 304L, 321, 316L, 316, 316Ti, 904L, NS-80, RS-2, polytetrafluoroethylene (F4), polytetrafluoroethylene propylene (F46), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), pure titanium wire, pure nickel wire, monel alloy, hastelloy alloy, copper wire, bright iron wire, galvanized iron wire, high zinc wire, glass fiber mixed, etc.

Uses of wire mesh demister: Wire mesh demister, packed tower, wire mesh demister and other tower internals in chemical separation projects can provide full-range services for chemical separation projects in petrochemical, natural gas chemical, coal chemical, oil refining, fertilizer, fine chemical, medicine, pesticide, food, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries.

Types of wire mesh demisters:
⒈ HG5-1404-81, HG5-1405-81, HG5-1406-81
standard divided into ascending pipe type (1404), reduced diameter type (1405) and full diameter type (1406). A variety of standard drawing numbers are pre-designed, and customers can contact us for them. For example, the standard drawing number is marked HG5-1406-81-60, 316L/Q235A, which means that the wire mesh is made of 316L stainless steel, the grille is made of Q235A, the full diameter type is top-mounted, the diameter is 1800mm, and the height is 150mm.
In addition to the standard drawing number, the height of the demister can also be divided into 50mm, 80mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and other heights. The shape and diameter size can also be designed and produced completely according to the actual needs of customers.

⒉ The new standard HG/T21618-1998
combines the three installation forms of riser type, reduced diameter type and full diameter type; proposes four mesh types of SP, HP, DP and HR and expands the types of materials used; and increases the spacing density in setting specifications and sizes.
Marking example: HG/T21618 Wire Mesh Defoamer S1600-100 SP 304/304, which means that the grille and wire mesh are both made of 304 stainless steel, top-mounted, with a diameter of 1600mm, a height of 100mm, and a wire mesh demister of SP.

3. Drawer-type wire mesh demister (HG/T21586)
Drawer-type wire mesh demister is suitable for occasions where the demister elements need to be cleaned or replaced frequently, such as the drying tower and absorption tower of the sulfuric acid plant. The nominal diameter range is DN300mm~DN5000mm, with a total of 56 types. When ordering, only the drawing number and the selected material are required (among which 316L, NS-80 and RS-2 are commonly used wire mesh materials for sulfuric acid plants).
Marking example: HG/T21586.11-98 WME-1000-100 316L/Q235-A, which means that the wire mesh is 316L, the grille is Q235-A, the diameter is 1000mm, and the height is 100mm.

4. Peak-shaped (flow-guiding) wire mesh demister
The peak-shaped wire mesh demister has the following characteristics:
1. The actual defoaming area of the mesh block is increased by more than 15%, which is convenient for adjusting the air velocity and resistance during design, and the defoaming effect is significantly increased.
2. One layer of peak-shaped wire mesh demister can achieve the defoaming effect of two layers of wire mesh demisters, saving installation space and reducing the cost of the entire device.

Conventional models of wire mesh demisters: Conventional models of stainless steel wire mesh demisters are: top-mounted and bottom-mounted.
National standards for wire mesh demisters:
(i) HG/T21618 wire mesh demisters, HG/T21586 wire mesh demisters, HG5 standard series wire mesh demisters, wave-type series wire mesh demisters and other types of wire mesh demisters, wire mesh demister products, etc.
(ii) Shanghai Q/SG12-1-79, Q/YSZZ-88-91 gas-liquid filter screens, gas-liquid filter screens, foam-breaking screens, air filter element screens, metal wire mesh, flat screens, square mesh, stainless steel filter screens, oil-gas separator screens, oil-water separator screens, wire mesh corrugated packing and other wire mesh products.
(III) Production of various specifications of gas-liquid filter machines, wire drawing machines, wire drawing water tanks, and wire take-up machines.
(IV) Production of various specifications of galvanized wire, black iron wire, bright iron wire, and metal wire mesh products.
(V) Wire mesh gaskets, shock-absorbing wire mesh, silencer mesh, filter purification components, wire mesh blocks, etc.