Knitted metal wire mesh

Copper Knitted Mesh is one of the main components of wire mesh demister and other separation engineering filter parts for Gas Liquid Filtration. Flat copper mesh demisters serve well in deleting the particle mixture in foam, liquid and air, by way of distillating, absorbing, evaporating and filtering process. Forms of processing include tubes, tapes, gaskets and pads. This mesh filters are used in industries of petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, machine, pharmaceuticals, automobile and environmental protection.

Major products:

Knitted copper mesh ( Copper and alloy)

Tubular knit copper mesh ( Copper and Tin Plated Copper )


Knitted Copper Meshes are mainly used for demister filter pads and other processing:

Gas-liquid separation filter, gas water separation, oil-water separation equipment;

Various filters on the engine cars, tractors;

Automotive parts sealing, damping (shock), silencers and exhaust purification element;

Electronics, electrical products electromagnetic interference shielding;

Architectural decoration.